April 19, 2024

Head Coach Steve Cooper met the media on Thursday to preview Forest’s Premier League fixture against Everton on Saturday.

Watch the full press conference below:

On the Everton game…

“It’s true that you never want to lose games, but given the competition in this league and their determination, it does happen occasionally.

Regardless of the outcome—good or bad—you must always look forward and enter each game with an understanding of what it will take to win.

Because both of those things have existed, we are influenced by how we attempt to strengthen the things we have done well in games and learn from some of the things we haven’t done well in them.

“It’s a brilliant game to look forward to. 5:30pm kick-off live on Sky, the lights will be on, these games are why we work so hard to get in the Premier League and stay in it.

“More than anything, we are really motivated and really looking forward to the game.”

On Everton…

“I think Everton have been playing well and are in good form, they played well at home last week.

“I was asked last week after their points deduction was announced about what it could mean, and I said straight away that it makes the game even tougher.

“They have a lot of good players with Premier League experience, but we’re really focusing on ourselves.

“We obviously respect every team we come up against and the threats they have, but it’s about how we deal with that and how we impose ourselves on the game.”

On team news…

“Ibrahim (Sangaré) is just joining back in with training.           

“He had a really bad virus that made him miss the game last week and it took him time to return to the UK after international duty.

“The virus has knocked him, it’s going to take him a bit of time to recover and get back to full health, but we’re glad that he’s back with us and back on the grass, albeit not in full training.”

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