April 13, 2024

Manchester Mayor candidate Nick Buckley slams ‘Mr Bandwagon’ Andy Burnham for Everton message

Nick Buckley has exploded at Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham over his latest message surrounding Everton and their point deduction, labelling him Mr Bandwagon.

Burnham has been vocal in his criticism of the Premier League and the independent commission for the 10-point deduction, taking to Twitter to admit that he was more concerned at the handling of Everton’s case after receiving a response from the Premier League.

But Burnham’s response wasn’t well received by everyone, with Buckley, a candidate running to become Mayor of Greater Manchester in 2024, hitting back at Burnham for focusing his attention on the Toffees, rather than issues in Manchester.

Writing on his Twitter account (2 December) he said: “Everton. Please start using your high-profile position, paid for by me, to reduce crime in Greater Manchester. This is your job. Not being Mr Bandwagon.”

Trying to help

Representing Everton football club may not be part of Burnham’s role as Mayor of Greater Manchester, but the politician has made no secret of his allegiance to the Toffees as a lifelong supporter and a season ticket holder at Goodison Park.

Whether or not he is correct in his belief that the Toffees have been mistreated by the Premier League throughout this investigation, he is entitled as a supporter in a position of political power in the country to attempt to fight Everton’s corner.

Everton have all but admitted that they did breach the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules, but the footballing world has been united in its belief that the 10-point deduction is far too steep a penalty considering it was given as a result of a single breach.

Buckley’s response to Burnham seems to be little more than an attempt at political point-scoring as he attempts to win votes in the upcoming election by suggesting that Burnham’s priorities lie away from Manchester.

The mayor doesn’t appear keen to give up his fight for justice for the Toffees and is almost certain to continue to hold the Premier League to account, regardless of the response he gets from his political rivals.

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