April 13, 2024

In advance of his team’s match this weekend against Nottingham Forest, Everton manager Sean Dyche has offered his opinion on the current selection quandary at right-back.

While Seamus Coleman has been sidelined, Dyche has alternated between Nathan Patterson and Ashley Young in that role. However, with the club captain back in the matchday squad last weekend, Dyche will have to choose which right-back will start on Saturday night.

This season, Patterson has made 12 appearances in the league but has been in and out of the lineup. Dyche has chosen to start Young, who has more experience, five of which have been starts. The 38-year-old has faltered in crucial situations, such as being sent off against Liverpool, and some supporters find it difficult to understand why the Scotland international hasn’t received more playing time. Coleman, on the other hand, hasn’t started a game since May.

Before his team travels to take on Forest, LiverpoolWorld spoke with Dyche on the present state of affairs at right-back and what Patterson needs to do to be the best choice in that position.

“In the grand picture of the Premier League, Nathan is still relatively young and inexperienced, so he needs to keep doing what he’s doing. Although he’s still growing, he has the maturity, wisdom, and life experience of Ashley Young and Seamus Coleman.

However, they are aware in their hearts that Nathan is the position’s future, not them. Although Patterson still has more development and maturation ahead of him, I believe he is already a very good player.

Patterson has the ideal mentors in Coleman and Young, who have both played in the Premier League for more than ten years each. Both are incredibly seasoned athletes.

“You want the likes of Seamus and Youngey to rub off on all the players, but in the fullback areas of course,” Dyche said, confirming that they are essential for Patterson and the team as a whole to learn from. Though Patterson is a very fine player in his own right and keeps getting better, being among them all the time will help.”

The majority of supporters were opposed to Young starting again, according to their response. Dyche continued, saying, “I’ve realized that fans will become unhappy about a variety of different things; you can’t please everyone all the time. Seeing him up close and working virtually with these players and staff every day, I believe we have a good understanding of their performance and development. We are adept at determining when they are prepared and when to bring them.”

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