April 19, 2024

Everton players rage as massive pay cuts on cards at Goodison Park.

Everton players are angry at the possibility that they will face “Massive” pay cuts, should the “shock” ten-point deduction see them get relegated at the end of this season, according to Alan Nixon.

The newspaper journalist shared via his Patreon [3 December] that the players are looking into ways they can recover their wages, speaking to agents and lawyers about potential compensation claims.

This has come as some top players could face 50% pay cuts upon relegation from the Premier League while feeling like the matter was out of their hands – they earned the points, while the club cost them.

Harsh but realistic measures

As much as there is a degree of confidence surrounding Everton that they will escape the threat of relegation, particularly after an important 1-0 win against Nottingham Forest on 2 December, the players have to be realistic that the threat does remain.

They are right to feel that they have been the ones earning the points to keep the club up while it is the club and the independent commission who have cost the ten points, and therefore the players should not be punished for that.

Wage deductions are normal for any Premier League team that gets relegated. The Championship income and budgets mean they would likely be unable to afford the mega wages of these star players, so automatic cuts are often made, and if not can cause long-term financial struggles.

Nixon also suggested that many players would look to leave Goodison Park rather than see their wages cut, although some would opt to stay with the pain of their wages facing a dramatic crash.

Hopefully, we will never find out about this with survival key.

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