April 19, 2024

Although Everton is known as “The School of Science,” what about “The School of Art”?

It appears that everyone at Finch Farm is discussing “getting the paintbrush out,” but what does this actually mean? “Dwight has got the paintbrush out for the goal,” Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford remarked to the ECHO following his team’s 1-0 victory over Nottingham Forest.

Match-winner McNeil, who scored his first goal of the season in the 67th minute, made the connection himself in an interview with Sky Sports. Jamie Redknapp stated, “You’ve massively underplayed that goal,” back in the studio. Come on, you’ll be watching that goal repeatedly once you get home.

“You’ve scored some excellent goals, but that was an absolute strike. You struck it while maintaining your balance.

“What’s going through your mind, as you had a terrific effort in the first half that Murillo saved off the line? It seemed as though you nearly took that slow-motion time to gather yourself and find your balance before landing a truly beautiful strike.

“Yes, as you say, it’s all about the composure,” McNeil retorted. I joke around with a few other guys on the training ground about “the paintbrush,” which is what we call when it falls that way.

For me, the guys are talking nonstop about that. It was a solid finish, and I’m glad to have contributed three points to the club. However, given the position I play, I would like to score more goals and have a bigger impact on more games in order to improve as a player.

Let’s hope we see plenty more masterpieces being produced by “the paintbrush” – the delicate sweeping motion with which he is capable of striking the ball on his cultured leg peg – across the busy festive period to help the Blues keep climbing back up the table and regaining those points that were taken away. McNeil finished as Everton’s top scorer last season with seven goals, five of which came under Sean Dyche in a purple patch between March 11 and May 8.

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