April 16, 2024

Premier League officials studying the suitability of 777 Partners as potential Everton owners have adopted a new stance in recent weeks, according to Bloomberg.

The American source stated on its website that following inquiries, a more dubious attitude regarding the consortium’s finances was taken.

The material was reportedly disclosed by someone close to the discussions, but they declined to be identified because it was confidential and needed time to be considered before the takeover was decided.


After significant investments, Josh Wander and 777 Partners are rumored to have given the club loans of up to £100 million to keep it afloat.

The American consortium claims there is a campaign against their purchase formed, as we wait for a response from the Premier League regarding 777 Partners and the buyout.



As usual, the people who suffer and remain in the dark as they wait for any good news about a long-overdue takeover are the fans.

Since the agreement to purchase Farhad Moshiri’s 94.1% share in the club was inked, nothing truly encouraging has appeared; instead, it has turned into a true tale.

This is one team that is in dire need of some good news, especially in light of the 10-point deduction from the Premier League for violating the rules pertaining to Profit and Sustainability.

With that also ticking along in the background after the appeal, this takeover being rejected would really rub salt into the wounds of the club, with that a real possibility it seems.

As Premier League officials change stances as we approach an answer on 777 and the takeover, one would hope that it can bring a green light and a move into a new era.

The club desperately needs this.

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