April 19, 2024

777 Partners are not willing to continue financing the everyday running of Everton with monthly loans past the end of January, according to The Times.

The paper reported via their website on 7 December that the prospective new owners could cut off support if the takeover process continues to drag on, having already put £100million into the club in what they see as a “show of good faith and commitment” ahead of taking over, while admitting it is a risk.

But with costs at the club believed to be around £20m higher every month than regular income the Americans have set a deadline of next month, past which they aren’t prepared to keep putting money in.


They still reportedly hope to receive approval from both the Premier League and the Financial Conduct Authority to come in at Goodison Park by the end of December.

But according to The Times, with no other parties currently seeking to take over the club there is concern over the situation should the Premier League refuse to give the go-ahead to the takeover, with Everton in a “poor financial position”.

If the takeover fails, and there still “some uncertainty” over the possibility, the loans provided by 777 Partners are unsecured and they would therefore be at the “end of the queue” were the club to be settling their debts or go into administration.

Clock ticking

With the takeover process theoretically moving along in the background there briefly felt like a slight lifting of pressure on the club and their future while 777 were propping them up with monthly loans.

That probably went out the window with the points deduction and all the fallout from that, but the current ownership picture was never going to last forever.

The Americans have drawn a line in the sand for an answer to come, although the club itself has no control over the timeframe for this process.


If the answer comes back ‘no’ from the Premier League then it is going to be of huge concern to both Everton and their spurned potential owners.

777 will have plowed nine figures into the club and not been handed the keys, then will face a nervous wait about how and when they might get it back.

But the immediate future would suddenly be in jeopardy at Goodison Park, with huge costs every month that apparently can’t be met without regular injections of extra cash.

If there are no alternative buyers yet to have come forward officially that is something which is obviously going to need to change extremely fast if the next seven weeks pass and there is still no answer on the current takeover deal.

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