April 19, 2024

The proposed Everton takeover by 777 Partners has taken yet another twist with Paul Brown making a claim about Josh Wander.

The reliable Josimar journalist claims that one source has stated that the 777 founder now wants to back out of the deal completely.

There are other sources that believe the Premier League will give the Miami-based firm the approval to take over the club this week.

Brown stated on Twitter, “So…..some sources say they will receive EPL approval to buy Everton this week.” No chance, according to other sources. Additionally, according to multiple sources, Josh Wander wants to completely back out of the agreement. Think for yourself.


The conflicting reports surrounding the proposed Everton takeover by 777 Partners create a cloud of uncertainty and instability for the club, amplifying the concerns among fans and stakeholders.

The suggestion that Wander, the co-founder of 777 Partners, may want to back out of the deal adds another layer of complexity and raises questions about the commitment of the prospective ownership.

Amid Everton’s recent struggles on and off the pitch, including a 10-point deduction, fans had hoped for a swift resolution with the takeover providing a fresh start.

The conflicting narratives about Premier League approval and internal disagreements within 777 Partners introduce a sense of unpredictability and potential delays.


A quick and transparent resolution is imperative for Everton to bring stability and focus back to the club.

The ongoing uncertainty could impact the team’s performance, transfer plans and overall morale.

With several alternatives reportedly waiting to buy the club, a decisive and positive outcome is needed to alleviate concerns, restore confidence and allow the Toffees to move forward with clarity and purpose.

With the January window set to open within a few weeks, there needs to be some answers as the squad still needs investment.

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