April 14, 2024

The scoreboard at Goodison Park responded to poverty chanting during the Chelsea game with a food bank advert.


Everton Football Club responded to despicable Chelsea chants at the weekend in the best possible way.

The Toffees came out 2-0 winners over the west London side on Sunday in a vital Premier League clash that saw Sean Dyche’s team move out of the relegation zone.

But on several occasions during the game, a section of Chelsea fans mocked the issue of food poverty in Liverpool with chants that were also heard in Everton’s fixture against Newcastle four days prior.

However, the club used the occurrences to promote @fanssupportingfoodbanks – a joint initiative between Liverpool and Everton fans – by displaying their logo on the big screen every time the chants are heard.


Ian Byrne MP – co-founder of the group said: “We’ve been going for eight years now, and we’ve done lots of work with Newcastle and Chelsea fans. It’s not as if those supporters aren’t living in areas where they’re seeing the cost-of-living crisis in their communities.

“It was extremely disappointing to hear, but I thought Everton’s response was phenomenal.

I think the work of Evertonians has been magnificent in the past few weeks. The van has been getting fuller and fuller at every home game.”




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