May 21, 2024

The most embarrassing club of 2023: Chelsea and their supporters provide proof that money can’t buy class

Chelsea worst team of 2023 GFX

The Blues have become a laughing stock over the past 12 months after wasting more than £1 billion on under-performing players

Chelsea fans’ poverty-chanting began just over a minute after kick-off in Sunday’s Premier League clash with Everton at Goodison Park. Despite the fact that many parts of England are blighted by financial inequality, including London, regular visitors to Liverpool still find it funny to mock a city with a long and painful history of socio-economic problems. So, to hear Chelsea supporters singing songs about starvation and unemployment wasn’t in the least bit surprising – or amusing. What followed, though, was legitimately hilarious.

Secondly, Pochettino suggested in his post-match press conference that his employers might have to spend even more money in the January transfer window to salvage this shambles of a season. The Blues boss may have managed to keep a straight face in front of the press – suggesting he was deadly serious about the perceived lack of quality available to him – but neutrals all across the country couldn’t help but raise a smile.

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Chelsea have become a laughing stock, the source of inspiration for a million memes, the gif that keeps on giving.

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