April 13, 2024

Everton: Simon Jordan reacts on talkSPORT to billionaire takeover wish

Simon Jordan reacts live on talkSPORT to Everton billionaire takeover wish, ‘Different Animal’

Simon Jordan has responded to an Everton fan live on air after they made a wish about Bournemouth owner Bill Foley.

Speaking on talkSPORT on Thursday (14 December, 11:27am), the pundit said the Cherries are a different club to the Toffees after a supporter got in touch with the show saying he wished the American billionaire had taken over the Blues after hearing his interview with talkSPORT journalist Alex Crook.


Jordan pointed out how Foley only paid paid £100million to buy the south coast side, while Farhad Moshiri is looking for £500million to sell the club, suggesting the Bournemouth chairman would be a “different animal” had he paid that much to purchase the Merseysiders.



“The argument that we wish we could have him at a different football club, well Everton is a different football club to Bournemouth, with different ingredients that make it work and a different dynamic,” said Jordan.


“He paid £100million for Bournemouth, not £500million that Everton want. Maybe if he’d spent £500million on a football club, he would be a different animal or if he’d spent £2.5billion buying a football club in the same way the equity boys at Chelsea have done, they’re different animals.”




There is undoubtedly pressure in every single level of football ownership, but there is no doubt that it would be significantly increased at Everton compared to Bournemouth.


Foley took over the Cherries in December 2022 when the club looked likely to go down last season and, if they had, there probably wouldn’t have been much uproar amongst what is a relatively small fan base in Premier League terms.


They didn’t, though, as Gary O’Neil managed to keep them up before he was replaced by Andoni Iraola following a poor run of form at the end of the season, indicating how high the American’s standards are.



His decisions would be much more scrutinised at a club the size of the Toffees, where any potential mistakes could land you in deep trouble and facing a revolt from the fans.


But the billionaire still could have been good for the Blues if they had been on the market when he bought their Premier League rivals, given his strong financial backing and willingness to make bold decisions to take the club forward.

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