May 21, 2024
Zach Lavine is a topic of trade interest for the Los Angeles Lakers. The All-Star shooting guard has only played 18 games for the Chicago Bulls this season. With the Bulls unlikely to make a run to the postseason, LaVine has showed he would like to play elsewhere. For the Lakers, acquiring a third dominant scorer could help them. While many fans have discussed displeasure in this idea, it could reap benefits for the team. This is how Zach LaVine could make the Lakers better.

How Zach LaVine Could Make the Lakers Better

1. Adding another scoring threat

Despite his lackluster performance this season, LaVine remains an invaluable asset to any squad. His offensive scoring potential is constant. It’s impressive how well he can attack the rim and fire threes. Teams focus on LaVine because of his explosiveness on the field.

However, clubs wouldn’t be able to lock in to Lavine because of the exceptional scoring abilities of Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Teams would be wary of LaVine’s third option if he moved to Los Angeles. He is still in his peak and has the ability to play off the ball. His ability to shoot to space the floor is a big plus.

 2. Alternating minutes with James and Davis

Although LaVine would start if he came to Los Angeles, he could play minutes with James and Davis. During the game, LaVine could play with the bench unit. This could give James and/or Davis time to rest without feeling rushed to get back on the floor. Furthermore, the Lakers could play all of the three stars together, two at once, or just one.

There should be enough time for James and Davis to get rest in between the second and third quarter to finish out close games in the fourth. It would be beneficial to have Lavine, as long as the Lakers don’t give up those two.

  3. Improves the Lakers as a Point Guard

The Lakers would probably have to give up Austin Reaves in any trade for LaVine. Since it is unlikely that the two will trade straight up, the Lakers should only deal with one other player. LaVine would assume the duty of occasionally playing point guard if he were to take Reaves’ job.

Thankfully, LeBron James and D’Angelo Russell alternate running the point most of the time. LaVine would therefore be an additional choice for the player indication. Using Davis and James as screeners is another advantage of LaVine’s position as a point guard. Teams will struggle mightily to defend this. While Davis and James can attack the basket like very few others can, Lavine is a tremendously excellent shooter and attacker.

The Last Word

In conclusion, LaVine going to the Lakers provides another spark for LA. He is an offensive weapon that can take over a game. Additionally, he can play minutes with or without the other two superstars. Lastly, he can play the point guard position to take pressure off other players.
If the Lakers can keep their core, and only let go of a player (or two), they should pursue it. Their current roster can still make things interesting, but LaVine will change their team dynamic.

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