February 22, 2024

Next week, Financial Fair Play allegations might be brought against two of Sheffield United’s relegation opponents, which could result in harsh fines. Everton has already experienced a difficult season; they have already lost 10 points as a result of Financial Fair Play violations.

Sean Dyche’s team will probably have to battle for survival even though they have already won eight games this season. The Toffees are making an effort to contest the deduction and hope that it is reversed or at least lessened.

Everton, though, is anxiously awaiting word on new allegations stemming from even more purported overspending—this time around the new stadium. The accusations pertain to potential violations of Financial Fair Play concerning the most recent data, encompassing the 2022–2023 season.

The figures for last season were submitted recently, and clubs are not permitted to lose more than £105million across the last three seasons. Everton are said to be confident they are within those limits, but the Telegraph say club figures are still ‘on alert’ over possible charges.


Sheffield United's rivals get date for potential FFP charges

Nottingham Forest are another club sitting nervously, recently appointing leading sports lawyer Nick De Marco in a bid to dodge sanctions. According to the same report, clubs will find out on Monday whether they will face any charges in relation to the Financial Fair Play submissions.

Meanwhile, Everton continue their wait to see whether their proposed takeover at the hands of 777 Partners is approved. Everton currently sit one point ahead of the bottom three having played a game more than Luton Town, while Nottingham Forest are four points better off. Sheffield United are seven points behind Everton and 11 behind Forest having played the same amount of games. Elsewhere, there still hasn’t been any decision over Manchester City’s alleged 115 breaches of financial rules.



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