February 24, 2024

The red card Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin was wrongly given against Crystal Palace will not remain on his record, according to Lewis Steele.

The England international’s dismissal at Selhurst Park on 4 January was overturned on appeal, meaning he will no longer have to serve a three-match ban.

talkSPORT reported on Thursday (11 January) that the red card would still technically be next to Calvert-Lewin’s name, meaning any further sendings-off would result in a more severe ban.

Host Alan Brazil slammed that decision live on air, saying: “It means Calvert-Lewin would serve an extra match ban on top of any suspensions should he be dismissed for a second time this season. For me that’s bonkers. Absolute nonsense.”

However, Daily Mail reporter Steele replied to the clip on his personal Twitter page [12 January] with: “Some confusion as places have suggested DCL’s red card at C Palace stays on his record despite being overturned – and he’d get a more punitive ban if he got another red this season.

“Told that rule does not exist any more so that’s not the case. Red not on his record.”

Some sense at last

The decision to send off Calvert-Lewin against Crystal Palace was a complete and utter joke. The fact that numerous officials – not just one – came to that decision is comical.

It was no surprise when news emerged of the dismissal being overturned, but then talk of the red card remaining on Calvert-Lewin’s record further riled Everton fans.



Had DCL been shown a straight red card again this season, for example, he would have had to sit out four games rather than the usual three.

This clarification is a positive development, then, and finally shows some common sense is being used.

Still, Everton had to play around 20 minutes with 10 men when you factor in added-on time for a decision that never should have been.

Thankfully, no lasting harm has been caused by it and now Calvert-Lewin can still boast to have never been sent off in his career.

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