February 20, 2024

Ally McCoist has slammed the Premier League and their profit and sustainability rules after Everton and Nottingham Forest were charged with new breaches on 15 January.

However, while some have claimed the rules need to be more flexible, McCoist has insisted clubs should not be allowed to lose even the permitted £105million – money he claims was impossible to comprehend 20 years ago.

The Rangers legend called on Premier League owners to run clubs in a sustainable fashion rather than just allowing teams to lose £35million per season.



Speaking live on talkSPORT [16 January, 06:09], McCoist ranted: “The whole thing is going absolutely crazy in a direction you and I could never comprehend 20 years ago. Under Premier League regulations, clubs can lose a maximum of £105million over a three-season period.

“How can that be right? How can you allow somebody to lose £35million per campaign before sanctions? What does that say? We’ll let you lose £35million… How about running your business in a sustainable fashion?”

Tighter rules wouldn’t necessarily prevent breaches

While McCoist certainly has a point in that clubs are being allowed to lose huge sums of money where in any other business it would be considered dangerous, tighter restrictions are not the way forward as clubs would be even more likely to breach them.

The realist of football and ownership in football is that clubs very rarely make a profit. However, financial fair play and profit and sustainability rules are in place to deter and prevent clubs from spending beyond their means which could be dangerous to their futures.



Tightening those rules would be borderline impossible in the current climate of the game with huge losses inevitable, especially in Everton’s case where most of the loss made was due to financing the building of a new stadium.

Either way, with the £105million allowance clubs are currently given, both Everton and Forest still found a way to spend beyond their means and are now being punished, so without that allowance, as McCoist has called for, they would have been far beyond their limit.



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