February 29, 2024

Simon Jordan went on another on-air rant regarding the situation at Everton after the club were again charged with breaching financial rules.

The Premier League confirmed on Monday (15 January) that Everton and Nottingham Forest have been referred to an independent commission.

talkSPORT host Jordan has previously slammed the Toffees over the poor mismanagement behind the scenes that led to this situation.

Speaking on Tuesday’s White & Jordan show [16 January, 11:49am], an impassioned Jordan said: “Everton might be on the receiving end of a new set of teeth that should have been in football the day Roman Abramovich walked through the door.”

Asked by co-host Jim White if he stands by his prediction that Everton’s previous 10-point deduction will be reduced to four points, with six more points then being added back on for this latest charge, Jordan added: “There’s a strange irony in football that things work out a certain way.”

Double punishment

Jordan has often spoken passionately about this topic, usually siding against Everton and arguing that the club have nobody to blame but themselves.

There is no doubt that the club has been terribly run for far too long now, which Farhad Moshiri has to take the brunt of the blame for.



At the same time, supporters’ frustration this time around is that the club are being punished for effectively the same offence as before.

The fact that the accounts are looked over on a three-year cycle means that the same figures that saw the club penalised late last year are still a factor.

That is what you would class as ‘double-jeopardy’, and it is something that will no doubt be raised in Everton’s appeal. It is clear that Everton are being made an example of, while at the same time other teams seem to get away with what they want.



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