February 26, 2024

Everton have been hit hard this week already, with the Premier League announcing they’re charging the club with PSR breaches.

It’s been a season of worst-case scenarios for Everton this campaign and Monday brought with it a second charge for the club’s profit and sustainability shortcomings.

The club now face the worst-case scenario of Everton receiving further points deductions.

The CEO of the Premier League, Richard Masters, has become public enemy number one, after his ‘tone-deaf rant in response to how Everton was found guilty so quickly when Manchester City somehow escaped punishment.

However, it’s been suggested that despite the charge, Everton is innocent and is ‘not in breach’ of PSR regulations.

There have been a host of messages from figures around Liverpool since the decision was made and now an MP has sent her own.


Everton FC v Aston Villa - Premier League
Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Liverpool MP sends Everton a message of support

On X, Liverpool MP of the Labour Party sent a message to Everton in which she offered her full support. Kim Johnson MP wrote: “You continue to have my full support @Everton.”

This is in response to the club’s statement on the situation which pointed out how ridiculous it is that the club can be punished twice for the same breach effectively.

She joins the Mayor of Liverpool who also sent a message where he outlined his ‘grave concerns’ for the club. Ally McCoist and Jeff Stelling were both in agreement on their views on the PSR breaches.

With such support for Everton, it does bode well for their chances of a potential appeal of this sanction but it also could be a benefit for the previous punishment.

Would Everton be relegated with further points deduction?

This is something which is impossible to judge and the fact it’s even a concern is crazy considering how impressive – at times – Everton has been this season.

We’ve already watched Everton this season respond excellently to adversity as they won four in a row to pull themselves out of the relegation spots.

Sean Dyche will be confident over his side’s chances of once more bouncing back, but he won’t want to tempt fate as another deduction could be one too many.

While a worrying thought, if Everton can find a similar form as they had in early December, they could build a gap big enough that they no longer have to worry.



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