February 21, 2024

Simon Jordan has slammed Everton live on talkSPORT claiming the club’s mismanagement led them into the situation they currently face, with another points deduction now on the cards.

The former Crystal Palace owner claimed that rather than the £9million breach of profit and sustainability rules that has been reported, they actually missed the mark by £250million before making adjustments and still breaching rules.

Jordan continued by suggesting that the ten-point deduction may be knocked down to six if their appeal is successful, but another four could be added as a result of their second breach.



Speaking live on talkSPORT [15 January, 10:11], Jordan ranted: “They haven’t missed FFP by £9million like people say. They missed it by £250million and they were allowed to make a series of adjustments and they still missed it. Everton’s is not a £9million problem as is being characterised, it’s a £250million miss.

“These are the rules. It’s interesting how they frame it as a sporting sanction which directly affects the fans, no, your mismanagement did that. The consequences of your mismanagement are a set of circumstances that have been brought upon your club.

“I thought they’d get six points, I’m surprised they got ten, but they may reduce it to six points with an appeal. And then guess what, they’ll probably get four points stacked back on top of it because they’ve breached it again. If they’ve breached it again what do you say?”

Going from bad to worse

Jordan was extremely critical of the club directors and owners after the initial charge and points deduction was handed to Everton, and now things have gone from bad to worse in the face of another charge which may be followed up by another points deduction.

He is right though, there has been plenty of anger from Everton fans pointed towards the Premier League for enforcing their rules when it should be also aimed at Farhad Moshiri and the board for their incompetence and mismanagement that led to this situation.



The outcome of the latest charge will be fast-tracked so a decision is given before the end of the current Premier League season according to the latest Premier League rules, meaning any sanction for the latest breach will come on top of the ten-point deduction.

It looks like a perilous situation for Everton regardless of their ongoing appeal against the initial sanction, as the latest investigation will likely result in a similar outcome given the extent of the profit and sustainability breaches.



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