February 25, 2024

Sue Smith was left perplexed by the news that Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s red card for Everton against Crystal Palace would remain on his record despite it being rescinded after the fact.

The incident happened during Everton’s FA Cup tie against Crystal Palace, with the Toffees striker given his marching orders after a VAR review.

Despite the red card being rescinded after the match, an FA regulation means Calvert-Lewin could be given an extra match ban if he were to pick up another red card.



“I couldn’t believe that when I read it,” Smith said live on Sky Sports’ Ref Watch on Monday (15 January, 11:53am).

“Surely if they have rescinded the red card, it should be taken off his record? I don’t get it at all.”

Potential consequences

With the way Everton’s season has gone so far, the news surrounding Calvert-Lewin’s extra possible suspension comes as no surprise, and neither does the FA’s inability to learn from their own downfalls.

It makes absolutely no sense for a player to be punished further for a red card that was wrongly awarded to him. But the FA are far too proud to admit that they got this one wrong and it could affect Everton later in the season.



Despite only having scored four goals in all competitions so far, Calvert-Lewin’s impact on Sean Dyche’s side comes in more forms than just goals. His immaculate hold-up play helps bring his teammates into the game and create devastating attacks, normally for Abdoulaye Doucoure to smash home.

With only Beto as the 26-year-old’s replacement, Everton could be left deflated if Calvert-Lewin were to pick up “another” red card. That could mean being suspended for four games.

And with Luton Town breathing down Everton’s neck from the relegation zone, the Toffees cannot afford to play any Premier League matches without their key players.



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