February 21, 2024

New York Times journalist Rory Smith has shared where the Everton “fury” must lie after the club’s new Premier League charge.

As reported by BBC Sport (15 January), the Toffees and Nottingham Forest have been charged with breaching the league’s financial rules.

The publication added that clubs are at risk of a fine or a points deduction if found guilty of breaching such rules, with Everton having already been punished in this area this season.

“The fans are suffering,” Smith said on The Monday Night Club on BBC 5 Live Sport (15 January). “The people who are causing that suffering are not the Premier League, they are the owners of the clubs who are taking these huge social institutions and putting them at risk to chase fantastical glory, in the sense that they are taking huge chances with their money, other people’s money, with this game that means so much to people, and treating it as though it is a game.

“The biggest thing for Everton should not be fury at the Premier League. It should be the fact that they are taking effectively payday loans to stay in existence.”




It will be extremely frustrating for Everton to have been dealt with another behind-the-scenes blow, having already been deducted 10 points this season for breaching the league’s financial rules.

It is the last thing that manager Sean Dyche wants at this moment in time, with the club having worked hard for results on the pitch following the previous punishment.

Only time will tell just how badly they will be impacted this time around, with Forest also nervously awaiting their punishment.

The main issue for both clubs at the end of it all will be relegation from the Premier League, with the pair already in danger of the drop even without any points deduction.

Everton currently sit in 17th place, just a point above the bottom three, with Forest three points ahead of the Toffees in 15th.

The latter are, however, on a better run of form at this moment in time with two wins from their last two league games, with the former without a win in their last four.



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