February 29, 2024

Everton and Nottingham Forest were both hit with charges by the Premier League on Monday and now the rest of the league’s thoughts are shared.

This season has been awful for Everton off the pitch and it’s only getting worse it seems. After November’s 10-point deduction, Everton are now at risk of suffering yet another.

The Premier League has charged Everton for a second breach of profit and sustainability regulations which could be detrimental to the Toffees campaign.

But despite the concern, Everton aren’t believed to be in breach of PSR, despite being charged. The situation has sparked support from many, including the Labour MP for Liverpool Kim Johnson who sent her support.

Now Everton have been told what the rest of the Premier League think of their charges.

Everton FC v Aston Villa - Premier League
Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images

What the rest of the Premier League thinks

Speaking on Sky Sports, reporter Kaveh Solhekol explained exactly what the Premier League are thinking about Everton.

“I think the reaction has been mixed. I think you would expect a lot of the sort of clubs who are towards the bottom of the table, maybe to be sort of happy that potentially two of their rivals could have points deducted. I think there may well be an element of that.

“But I actually sense that there is some sympathy for Everton and Forest, I think more for Everton. And I think the reason is that people realise that rules are rules and the Premier League is very competitive. It’s basically dog-eat-dog, everybody looks after their own interests. But I think people sort of feel that you know, Everton are being sort of, you know, punished, maybe unduly maybe you know it feels like people have got it in for Everton, but on the other hand, the rules are very, very clear. Everybody has to stick by the rules.”

Sympathy is the correct response from other clubs

Other clubs in the league are just right to feel sympathy as so many could easily find themselves in the same situation.

Forest has suffered the same fate with a charge, while it’s thought the likes of Wolves were also dangerously close at times to being in breach.

Everton has taken two bullets already but it could just as easily have been anyone else so the league should be united on the fact these charges are harsh.


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