February 22, 2024

Everton’s fanbase no longer wants Farhad Moshiri in charge of their club.

That much is abundantly clear.

However, that does not mean that they will just take any new owner to take over, as they simply cannot afford another tenure like the one they are still enduring.



His legacy is one that will send shudders down the spine of supporters for decades now, having regressed this once magnificent outfit and rendered them relegation fodder plagued by financial issues.

And yet, despite agreeing a deal to sell in September, 777 Partners have hardly inspired mass confidence in Merseyside as they seek to take the reigns.

What did The Esk say about Farhad Moshiri?

Well, writer Paul Quinn, better known as ‘The Esk’ on X, has now issued a plea to the Iranian to offload Everton, but to the right owners.


With reports having emerged in recent weeks suggesting a new consortium was waiting in the wings to capitalise on any opportunities, they would surely not be short of willing suitors given their stature and the heavily reduced price tag their recent plight has garnered.

Why would any due diligence process still be at least “weeks” away (from Richard Masters) 4 months after the process started? Time for Moshiri to acknowledge 777’s unsuitability, reject them & allow other suitable parties to rescue the club.

What inspired Quinn’s statement was the notion outlined by the Premier League CEO Richard Masters just yesterday, speaking to Parliament about the potential of an outside regulator, and Everton.

Of the many questions he answered, one pondered why 777 Partners had seen their touted takeover drag on for so long. He suggested that they were yet to receive adequate answers to the questions they had posed.

Everton desperately need a new owner

For all the desperation of Everton’s search for a new owner, Moshiri must be careful to ensure that he does not just pass it on to another charlatan.

After all, for all the money he has pumped into the club, there was not nearly enough direction to justify any real progress being made from it.

Although 777 Partners reportedly boasts a fortune surpassing Moshiri’s, and a multi-club structure that should be conducive to long-term success, there remain too many controversies and questions arising over their finances to make them the perfect consortium.

What Everton need now, more than ever, is stability.

If the Miami-based firm can’t offer that, which does seem to be the case, then perhaps Quinn is right. Handing the club to another volatile owner could be the final straw.


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