February 22, 2024

Dan Plumley has insisted that it is positive news that 777 Partners have continued their investment into Everton as the wait for their takeover continues.

Reports from the Daily Mail had suggested that funding was going to be stopped if the takeover had not gone through before the New Year, but have since provided an injection of £40million [The Athletic, 8 January].

The finance expert admitted that the new funding shows they are still around and are committing to the money needed to fund the Bramley-Moore Dock project.



“We were led to believe they were saying they weren’t going to invest further in the New Year,” he exclusively told Goodison News.

“This looks like they have invested further.

There’s a couple of notes in there that we’ve seen that the money is only for stadium expenses and working capital so it’s not like they’re going to be able to go and spend that money in the transfer market. 



All things considered, that’s not realistic at the minute anyway, so I think it is a positive in a sense that if they said they weren’t going to do that and now they are, that’s obviously showing that they are still around and committing to the money needed to fund the stadium and the working capital to go with it in the meantime.” 



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