February 25, 2024

Jamie Carragher has finally broken his silence on Everton’s plight, but once again aims his frustrations in one direction.

Having been vocal regarding his distaste towards Farhad Moshiri in the past, that stance was unlikely to change with these more extreme sanctions emerging.

And so, writing for The Telegraph, the former Liverpool defender has not wholeheartedly come to the defence of the club he once supported.

Instead he remains on the fence, unwilling to openly blast the Premier League, but still unhappy with the verdict.

Everton FC v Aston Villa - Premier League
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As such, it is the Iranian owner who is instead acting as a lightning rod for his anger.

What did Jamie Carragher say about Farhad Moshiri?

Having spent the entire article detailing why he does not feel corruption is afoot, already many Evertonians will have been lost.

After all, whilst many likely don’t actually believe that a conspiracy is in action, it would be crazy not to acknowledge just how many grievances and setbacks Everton have been handed purely due to the division.

Moshiri is deserving of all the criticism in the world, but Carragher didn’t need to tell fans that. They know better than anyone, having protested for years now over his poisonous tenure.

And yet, the 45-year-old rehashes old narratives, that of which do not help given the immense platform he has.

Liverpool v Everton - Premier League
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His final remarks are poignant, but ultimately pointless in helping the club. He writes in The Telegraph: ‘That is what it has come to at Goodison Park. A US-firm the fans do not really trust – and the Premier League is not yet convinced would pass its owner’s test – is the only option on the table. Without the cash injection from 777 which is keeping the club going, Everton’s plight could be more perilous.

‘Moshiri said he hopes his reign will be remembered for the new stadium on the docks. He is deluded if he thinks that will be the lingering memory.

‘Instead, his name will join the rogues gallery of English football’s worst ever owners.’

Jamie Carragher has missed the mark with this Everton rant

Perhaps Carragher might benefit from taking a leaf out of Andy Burnham’s book, who has been relentless in his attempts to hold those in power accountable for these catastrophic actions.

After all, their rules are flawed, and a system that is set to promote sustainability could now be the very thing that plunges the Toffees into the Championship and certain financial doom.

These are the big issues that need calling out, not Moshiri, who has made his desire to depart so public over the last few months.

That is a problem hopefully set to be sorted soon, but their ongoing plight directly relates to the questionable rules which have concluded that ten points, the harshest in the history of the top flight, is a fair sanction for their crimes.

West Ham United v Everton FC - Premier League
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There are too many nuances regarding those statutes, stadium interest costs, a potential summer change of the rules and more to notice, but it is disappointing to see Carragher finally break his silence only to tell fans what they already knew.

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