February 21, 2024

Jamie Carragher responds to Everton fan after ‘Embarrassing’ parliament footage

Jamie Carragher has slammed the MPs involved in the Culture, Media and Sports Committee hearing with Richard Masters on 16 January, telling them to ask proper questions about Everton instead of playing to the crowd.

This has come after a video emerged on Twitter of Masters being told that if he were a referee, fans would be chanting “You don’t know what you’re doing”, which Carragher labelled as embarrassing.

The former Liverpool defender hit out at the statement, claiming that with the CEO of the Premier League in front of them, MPs should take the opportunity to hold him to account rather than resorting to cheap digs.

Taking to his personal Twitter account on 16 January, Carragher wrote: “You’ve got the people at the top of the Premier League and EFL in front of you, so ask proper valid questions and hold them to account. Not this nonsense of playing to the gallery.”

He then responded to an Everton fan: “It was a line she’d been given before going in to look good and clever. Embarrassing.”

Carragher is spot-on

Regardless of the obvious praise for taking a dig at Masters, who isn’t exactly the most popular man on the Blue side of Merseyside right now, the bigger concern is that jokes like this were wasting time during what should have been an opportunity to put Masters to the sword.

With the CEO of the Premier League sat in front of them, MPs asked what were ultimately very basic and very easy questions for him to answer, rather than taking the opportunity to properly grill him on the issues at Everton.


After one point deduction was already handed out, and another charge was levelled against the club, fans would have hoped for serious questioning and a proper answer from Masters to explain the situation and what they can expect about the rules which have left everybody confused.

Instead, the MP resorted to a cheap line which will get plenty of notice on social media but does nothing to further Everton’s case or explain the situation the club have found themselves in.

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