May 18, 2024

Nottingham Forest boss Nuno Espirito Santo has now made a call on his two goalkeepers – and it might surprise a few!

The claim has been made by The Telegraph.

So, what has Espirito Santo decided to do regarding his goalkeepers at Forest? We take a closer look…

Nuno Espirito Santo makes huge call on Forest goalkeepers

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Well, a lot has been made this season over the goalkeeping situation at Forest – and it appears Espirito Santo is going to stick with what he’s got.

According to The Telegraph, Matt Turner and Odysseas Vlachodimos will remain as the two goalkeepers for the remainder of the 2023/24 campaign.

Jose Sa, who formerly played for Espirito Santo, has been linked to a move to Forest.

Turner has been in charge of the gloves ever since he was called up for a December 1st, 1-1 draw against Wolves.

But in addition to the high-profile blunder he committed against Liverpool in October, he also made another one against Manchester United.

Turner saves 70% of the shots he encounters, indicating that his shot-stopping and aerial take skills aren’t that poor, according to FBRef.

But the aspect of things that has frequently made supporters anxious is the kicking side of things.

As for Vlachodimos, he played against Blackpool and didn’t exactly cover himself in glory on the day and Espirito Santo must now decide whether to drop him from his Forest team.

He was definitely at fault for the second goal that the Tangerines scored, with David Prutton critical of Vlachodimos.

Boss takes huge risk with huge call

This is a bit surprising, considering both stoppers appear to be having trouble maintaining their form.

Nevertheless, the club would find it difficult to defend the expenditure of £20 million on two goalkeepers in the summer.

Espirito Santo appears to be more concerned with other parts of the team, thus Forest will likely stay in between the posts.

Turner’s task is to get better with his feet since he seems destined to stay the team’s top player.

Forest may hold for the time being, but Espirito Santo will undoubtedly look into it in the summer.

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