February 21, 2024

The former Liverpool defender has criticised the Everton owner for his handling of the Merseyside club.

In terms of the new charges, Everton have been referred to an independent commission for alleged breaches of profit and sustainability rules in their accounts for 2022-23. The hearings must be concluded within 12 weeks and

appeal hearings must be held before 24 May 2024 and the complaint resolved before 1 June. It leaves the club in a state of concern once again.

Writing in the Telegraph, Carragher strongly condemned the ownership of Moshiri which he claims has gone from bad to worse over the years. “When writing here a year ago that Everton had become the worst run club in the country, it was barely scratching the surface of the chaos. Back then, my focus was on Moshiri’s six managerial sackings, three directors of football and £500 million of wasted signings.

“Had it been known that the club was on the brink of facing charges for breaking the Premier League spending rules twice in six months, my criticism would have sounded too lenient, Moshiri’s legacy is a shambles. The crisis engulfing the club is down to him and yet his silence – and that of some of his former Goodison executives – is deafening.

“Moshiri said he hopes his reign will be remembered for the new stadium on the docks. He is deluded if he thinks that will be the lingering memory. Instead, his name will join the rogues gallery of English football’s worst ever owners.”

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