February 25, 2024

Premier League CEO Richard Masters has provided a fresh update on the progress being made towards 777 Partners’ takeover of Everton, claiming a decision could be just weeks away.

Being quizzed by MPs, Masters clarified that he cannot put an exact time frame on the takeover decision, but hopes it will be a matter of weeks rather than months.

Masters went on to claim that the Premier League have not received satisfactory answers to questions that have been asked of 777 during the process which will extend the timeline.


Speaking to MPs at the Culture, Media and Sports Committee [16 January], Masters explained: “[The decision will be confirmed] as soon as we have completed the process. Unfortunately, some processes take a matter of weeks, some, we haven’t had satisfactory answers to questions we have asked, it takes a lot longer.

“It has already been running for a number of weeks, so it’s going to take longer. I don’t know [how much longer]. I can’t say. It’s a very difficult question to answer. Hopefully weeks.”

Updates should emerge soon

With Masters admitting he hopes the confirmation, regardless of which way that goes, can be completed soon, it should just be a matter of time until more concrete news emerges about whether 777 will be allowed to take over as owners of Everton.

However, the update that they had failed to provide answers when asked certain questions by the panel assessing the decision is not a positive look and may suggest that the eventual decision could go against the takeover.

Masters was quizzed by MPs about the takeover but admitted he is unable to go into too much detail as a result of the checks ongoing, as revealing information from those checks and assessments could be to the detriment of that process.


Whichever way the decision goes, the fact that 777 did not provide adequate answers to the Premier League during the process should be a red flag, and with checks ongoing, it is yet another cause for concern surrounding the legitimacy of the group.

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