February 28, 2024

Liverpool fans are watching on from afar as Everton face a possible second points deduction in the same season and it seems Jamie Carragher is getting the brunt of their supporters’ anger.

One Evertonian took to X to write: ‘Throw Jamie Carragher into the mix of absolute k**bheads. A scouser and once an Everton fan, not using his position to defend us and the city as a whole. Absolute puppet”.

To which our former defender replied: ‘Literally used my position to defend you on Sky the day you were docked 10 points you muppet!’

It seems that there are many that are unhappy with the Scouser’s reaction to the punishment that has been handed to the Goodison club.

A quick glance through his X replies shows that the 45-year-old is trying to defend himself and seems convinced that he’s been more than fair and vocal in response to these charges.

When he speaks on Sky Sports stating that the punishment isn’t fair and continues to share and repost information about the hearing on his social media, then you do have to say that his platform is being used in the right way.

It’s obviously a subject that will divide opinion and the blue half of Merseyside are understandably furious with being punished so harshly twice but it’s not the fault of the Bootle-born pundit that this has happened.

The excuse of ‘Manchester City and Chelsea haven’t been punished yet’ is both valid and irrelevant, once a punishment is given to both those sides then they can be viewed through the prism of Everton’s lost points.

Until then, the decision made by the Premier League for the Toffees can act as a barometer to others of what happens when further financial breaches occur.

You can view Carragher’s comments on Everton via his X account:


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