February 24, 2024

Alan Brazil has called for the Premier League to “sort it out” as Everton face yet another points deduction following another charge of profit and sustainability breaches.

The talkSPORT host insisted that it’s the fans who suffer as a result of the sanctions not just the club, after paying their hard-earned money to attend Goodison Park week in, week out.

Brazil suggested the club and the Premier League sit down in the off-season and work out what the punishment will be and start from scratch next year rather than stacking punishments up one after the other.

Speaking live on talkSPORT [17 December], Brazil shared his view: “That’s not fair on the fans, by the way. It’s not fair to the fans. It really isn’t.

“Now they should say ‘Get all your facts, get everything in a row, we’ll sort it out in the close season and then start from scratch.

“They can’t keep doing this. Everton fans are paying good money. They go on a little run and suddenly, boom, it’s taken off of them.”

A solution needs to be found

If there’s one criticism of the Premier League and their punishments levelled at Everton, the one that stands out the most is that there is now a possibility of the club receiving two sanctions for what is 75% of the same breach they have already been punished for.

While the league have been clear that this is because of changes in the rules, which Premier League clubs agreed to last summer, it still stands out as being particularly unfair to Everton given the already heavy sanctions.


Brazil is right, though. It’s the fans who will suffer the most as a result of this saga. The club suffering points deductions, and possibly relegation as a result, will hit those who follow the club and those who work for it harder than the owners who broke the rules.

There has to be another way to sort it out, making sure Everton are still punished as they did admit to breaching the rules, but also ensuring the fans do not suffer as a result of the owners’ previous actions.

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