February 25, 2024


Premier League slammed for ‘unfair’ treatment of Everton fans after new PSR charge


The response Everton have received to their recent setbacks has been admirable, from rival fans to many different sections of government and the media.

When the Toffees were deducted ten points in November, the outpouring from the wider footballing world was largely positive, although few actually supported their appeal cause.

Well, having been found guilty yet again in the same season, it feels like even more key figures are emerging to contend what Sean Dyche will view as the good fight.

He is blameless in all this, as are his players and the fans. Yet they are the ones being punished.

Everton Training Session
Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

This was a notion discussed earlier today, live on talkSPORT.

But what did Alan Brazil and Ally McCoist actually have to say about the charges? Who do they think deserves to be punished? We take a closer look…

What did talkSPORT’s pundits say about Everton’s charge?

Deputising for Jeff Stelling in his absence, Brazil kickstarted the speech by outlining his personal grievances with the ruling. ‘That’s not fair on the fans by the way, that’s not fair on the fans,’ he began.

McCoist was quick to jump to his support, as the energetic Scotsman agreed: ‘Of course it’s not!’

Although many of the clubs relegated during the seasons where Everton are said to have gained a sporting advantage might disagree, Brazil would go on to detail exactly why a lack of fairness should render this punishment invalid.

He claimed: ‘I think now they should say, ‘Right get all your facts, get everything in a row, sort out the club’s season, and then we start from scratch.’ They can’t keep doing this, Everton fans are paying good money and they go on a little run and then suddenly, boom it’s taken off them. It’s not fair.’

Will Everton receive another points deduction?

A points deduction is not the only sanction that can be administered for breaching the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules, although it is the one they saw fit to give Everton back in November.

Other options such as fines and transfer embargoes are available too, and could be explored with this latest set of discrepancies.

However, before they are found guilty of the alleged offences, they must first conclude their current appeal process from the last charge.

Having rumbled on ever since they outlined their intention to fight the severe outcome, the hope is that by the end of February they can have an answer to hopefully set a positive precedent that sees them lessen, or escape punishment altogether.


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