February 29, 2024

Paul Brown has claimed that another points deduction for Everton would be incredibly damning for the people running the club, and has called for them to be criticised.

The former Express journalist went on to claim that the new charge against Everton would not be as much of a clear-cut case as the last one was and stated there is still a long way to go in the process.

While fans have protested passionately against the Premier League since the original points deduction was given, the owners have managed to avoid the wrath of the fans, but that could change.


Speaking to GIVEMESPORT [16 January], Brown explained: “I don’t think from what I hear this would be as clear-cut a case as the previous one from the commission’s point of view.

“So I think there is a long way to go yet on this before Everton are hit with another points deduction, but if that is the case, I think it would be incredibly damning on the people running the club and they should rightly be criticised for it.”

The long wait for a final verdict

Brown’s calls to aim any anger at those who got them in this position rather than the Premier League is entirely fair. Protests against the board have been no rarity at Goodison Park, but they have been quiet since the verdict with their anger aimed at Richard Masters instead.

Regardless of whether you agree with the Premier League rules or the ultimate sanction, it was Moshiri and the board that put Everton in this situation in the first place with their lack of regard for their spending.

No timeframe has been put on the new charge other than it will be finalised towards the end of the season, although it has been suggested that another appeal would see the final verdict given after the season has ended in potentially controversial circumstances.


If another points deduction is handed to Everton it could be disastrous for their season, although it has been suggested that the sanction for the latest breach could be a fine rather than another ten-point threat.


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