February 21, 2024

The Premier League must surely be regretting their decision to choose Everton as a team to try and make an example out of.

As a side seemingly down and out, plagued by financial mismanagement for years, they did seem like the perfect target on paper.

However, they did not account for the siege mentality of the fanbase, who had already roared their side to safety in back-to-back campaigns where they had no right to survive.

So, to be dealt with a ten-point deduction has only enraged them more, with vocal backing from the club and many high-ranking officials in the media and parliament.

Well, Simon Jordan is the latest, who issued his verdict on why the Premier League must take some of the blame too.

What Simon Jordan said about the Premier League

The talkSPORT pundit has enjoyed varying views on Everton throughout his time in radio, both rushing to lambast Farhad Moshiri but also sympathising with the punishment at times.

However, in this instance he was staunch in his criticism, launching into a scathing rant of how the division handled the Toffees’ mismanagement.

After all, in the years building up to that deduction, they had been forthright with the Premier League, allowing them to look at their finances and sanction every deal before it was made.

Jim White, his co-host, prefaced his monologue by noting: ‘They might even face a third [deduction], says Stefan Borson.’

Then, he allowed Jordan to go, speaking live on talkSPORT (18/01, 11:55 am): ‘Fascinating isn’t it, because the Premier League are also culpable in this. I tell you for why. What were they doing? They put Everton under special measures. They were policing Everton. So how were Everton still being allowed to accumulate or to be in this situation?


Everton FC v Brentford FC - Premier League
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

‘Because it isn’t the case of ‘Oh here’s our accounts and the Premier League go oo, hang on a second we didn’t see that coming.’ They’ve had them under special measures for the last two seasons prior to the 22/23 accounts, so where have the Premier League been in ensuring that this car crash that is coming isn’t the pile-up that it’s beginning to come.’

Are the Premier League just as culpable as Everton?

Everything Jordan says is completely valid, yet the Premier League seem incapable of accepting any blame in the scenario.

That is, despite so many broken promises to Everton, many of which have led to this turn of events.

Whilst Moshiri sits atop as the outstanding villain, Richard Masters is certainly going about rivalling him the right way.


Everton FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League
Photo by Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

His treatment of one of his league’s most historic clubs has been abhorrent, from adding stadium loan interest costs into the findings to changing the punishment system mid-trial.

It has been a shambles throughout, and one which hopefully KC Laurence Rabinowitz can pick apart.



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