February 25, 2024

Everton and the Premier League have endured a fractured relationship over the years, but this season has finally seen it come to blows.

Richard Masters, the organisation’s CEO, has been keen to throw the book at the Toffees, first deducting ten points from them in November, and now finding them guilty once again of financial misconduct.

The second punishment remains uncertain, but one thing is for sure: this fanbase will not take it lying down.

Fortunately, their defence is being made easier by Masters continuing to put his foot in it, with his presence at parliament recently hardly bolstering the Premier League’s case against an independent regulator.

Whilst he did reveal one key piece of information about 777 Partners’ potential takeover, it was his comments on Manchester City that irked talkSPORT’s Alan Brazil.

What did Alan Brazil say about Richard Masters?

Having revealed that a date was set for their hearing regarding the 115 breaches they had reportedly made, Masters would refrain from revealing when that might be.

It marked a huge show of weakness, as such childishness looked wholly out of place in his position of power.


Everton FC v Aston Villa - Premier League

Well, Brazil would pull no punches in his verdict, speaking live on talkSPORT (18/01, 7:58 am): ‘I agree with that totally, listen we’re not having a go at City here, I just want to know when it is and let’s get it done. I’m sick of all this uncertainty it’s an absolute joke. We have a date but can’t tell you. Garbage.’

Richard Masters needs to learn his Everton history

To refer to Nottingham Forest and Everton as ‘small clubs’ is an insult to the very league he governs.

In fact, it is a statement that woefully outlines the modern mindset, which expunges history in favour of the here and now.


Everton League Champions 1985
Photo by Staff/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

However, it cannot be forgotten that these two sides were founders of both English top-flight leagues, and between them boast a whole host of trophies.

Only Manchester United and Liverpool can rival the Tricky Trees when it comes to European Cups claimed (two), and at this moment the Toffees still boast the fourth-most top-flight titles (nine in its history, level with a Manchester City certain to overtake them soon.

Although silverware has been hard to come by of late, a club with such a decorated trophy cabinet who have given so much to English football can hardly be reduced to such a miserable and downright insulting tag.

Masters continues to put his foot in it, and that latest snarky comment will go a long way towards providing further fuel to fight against his defunct organisation who are so clearly enduring a desperate struggle for power, with Everton the side he is desperately seeking to throw under the bus to retain it.


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