February 25, 2024

Jamie Carragher has warned that Manchester City could face tougher consequences than Everton for their 115 alleged financial rule breaches.

Premier League chief Richard Masters confirmed on Tuesday that a hearing date has been set for City but did not reveal when it will be.

City were charged by the Premier League with 115 alleged breaches of financial regulations in February last year, following a five-year investigation which began in 2018, but have not faced action.

Meanwhile, Everton were charged with breaking Premier League spending rules on Monday alongside Nottingham Forest.

The Toffees had already faced a 10-point deduction for breaching the league’s profit and sustainability rules.

‘When you think of Everton, they have two charges now and they admitted their guilt and received 10 points [deduction], which I thought was big,’ he told Sky Sports’ Stick to Football podcast.

‘You think of Manchester City with 115 and think of how complex it might be and City fans, you can think of the repercussions compared to what Everton got with 10 points for one charge, being over £105 million, compared to you with 115.

‘Manchester City can fix this straight away. If you were in their position, and you’ve got something over you, you want to clear your name. The fact that they are dragging this on makes it worse.’

Gary Neville concurred: ‘They are different charges [Manchester City’s]. The simple charge against Everton and Nottingham Forest is the £105 million over three years, whereas City’s one is a lot more complex, but it can’t go on for years. It’s gone on for six years, it’s got to be in the interest of everyone to bring that to a head.’ The Premier League have previously accused City of using delaying tactics to stall their investigation. Sean Dyche has done a good job to have Everton out of the relegation zone despite their 10-point dock.


Everton have been docked 10 points and face another charge and Jamie Carragher thinks the Premier League should have been 'stronger' with them before it got to this stage


Everton have been docked 10 points and face another charge and Jamie Carragher thinks the Premier League should have been ‘stronger’ with them before it got to this stage

The club sit 17th in the Premier League and this is their third season in a row battling relegation, showing the hardship the club has fallen upon.

Fingers have often been pointed at the club’s hierarchy for wasteful signings and the inability to build a club identity, with managers of differing styles coming and going.

Carragher believes that the Premier League ‘should have been stronger’ with the Merseyside club and prevented them from buying players rather than just warning them about crossing a line financially.

Carragher said: ‘Certainly, from Everton’s point of view – I’m in the city, I have friends and family that are Everton fans – and Everton fans for the past 12 or 18 months have absolutely slaughtered their board and rightly so.

‘The owner’s just gone missing – no one’s heard a peep from him for years, the people on the board – the fans got them out – but a couple of them didn’t go to the hearing to defend the club, which I find unbelievable.


Carragher understands Everton fans' frustrations and thinks 'the owner has just gone missing'


‘For me, you can have a go at the Premier League and not be happy with two or three things, but the way that club is being run is just so bad. At one stage, I had the wages sent to me, two years ago Everton’s wages were 95% of their turnover. It’s just unbelievable how badly that club has been run.

‘Everton are upset with the Premier League about some of the charges on the stadium and you’re allowed to put money on the stadium, the women’s team, the academy – that’s classed as infrastructure and that’s where the core case will end up.

‘The Premier League have been criticised by Everton, but they were actually working with the club in terms of [warning them], “You’re getting very close to it.” The Premier League should have been stronger with Everton and just said, ‘You can’t buy another player’.’


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