February 29, 2024

Simon Jordan believes the Manchester City case is “very different” to the charges handed out to Everton and Nottingham Forest as they haven’t admitted their guilt.

Writing on page 71 of the Daily Mail’s print edition on Thursday (18 January), the pundit said some fans want to see billionaire owners come in and do what they want, while others want order to be implemented as he called on supporters to “make your minds up”.

He added that there’s an argument that the spending breach cases damage the credibility of the Premier League, but he doesn’t “buy that” because the force behind the league is “what broadcasters think of it”.



This situation is very messy and it’s understandable that Everton are extremely frustrated with how they’ve been treated over the past few months.

The club has looked to comply with the Premier League every step of the way, but they could be staring down the barrell of yet another points deduction after a previous ruling saw them docked 10 points in November.

The Toffees are still waiting to hear whether their appeal on that verdict has been successful after being pushed back into another relegation battle.



The case against Man City does appear to be more complicated because they deny the charges, but the situation should have been resolved by now.

While the Blues do have a right to feel agrieved about being treated differenly to the Premier League champions, they will just be hopeful that this situation doesn’t see them docked more points this season.


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