February 25, 2024

KRC Genk full-back Daniel Muñoz ‘absolutely wants’ to move to Crystal Palace this month, but the Eagles are struggling to convince the Belgian side.

That’s according to Het Nieuwsblad, who say Crystal Palace are yet to ‘come up with the cash’ to secure the 27-year-old’s signature.

Reports in England had indicated that Crystal Palace had opened talks to sign the €10m rated full-back before the end of this month.

This was quickly pulled back by reports in Belgium, which indicated that Crystal Palace may be interested but for now there was no bid and certainly no growing chance of him departing.


Het Nieuwsblad now pick up on that and explain that the chance of Muñoz heading to Crystal Palace is a small one at this moment in time.


While the Colombian ‘absolutely wants’ a move to the Premier League and would therefore be very open to joining Crystal Palace as a result, the Eagles cannot ‘come up with enough cash’ to convince Genk to negotiate.

Now, they do caveat this with ‘for the time being’ in terms of Palace’s inability to raise the funds, but don’t understand why that may be.

Perhaps Genk believe that Crystal Palace will be digging down the back of the sofa or, more realistically, raising funds by selling someone from the squad. Either way, they don’t have the money right now and as such Muñoz is not moving.

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