February 24, 2024

Everton could get all 10 of their deducted Premier League points back if they win their appeal reckons their former chief executive Keith Wyness.

Ex-Everton chief executive Keith Wyness reckons his former club could get all of their 10 deducted Premier League points back if they win their appeal.

Everton was issued with their second spending rules violation of the season on Monday, although the matter cannot be examined until their November 17 punishment appeal for a profit and sustainability (PSR) violation is resolved. The Blues received an instant 10-point punishment, the most sports penalty in 135 years of English top-flight history. This was also more than Portsmouth received for going into administration in 2010.

Everton Getting Another Points Deduction Explained - video Dailymotion

At the time, Everton’s interim CEO Colin Chong, described it as “disproportionate and unjust,” adding that: “This is a sporting sanction that directly impacts supporters.” Goodison Park top brass have since hired ‘Super silk’ Laurence Rabinowitz KC, considered one of the top lawyers in the country as a high-profile addition to their legal team for the appeal and Wyness, who now runs a football consultancy, advising elite clubs, believes that if the Blues’ case goes well then they might get all of their points back.

The 66-year-old told Football Insider’s Inside Track podcast: “There’s been talk about the punishment coming down to six points. But listen, if the appeal is successful – there won’t be any deduction at all.

“Both sanctions could be lifted, and that’s what I’m hopeful for. But if that’s the case it will mean Everton may again have a big problem with spending, because they’ve spent a lot on lawyers.

“That’s a ridiculous expense, and maybe if there is success there is a case to make the Premier League pay those fees. Maybe they’d think twice before handing out such ridiculous sanctions.”

Joe Thomas, the Everton correspondent for ECHO, noted on Wednesday that although Everton admitted to being in violation, they also contest several of the techniques utilized to arrive at the ultimate profit and sustainability figure. The club will make an argument for this in its appeal against the initial prosecution.

Everton’s executives feel that they are forced to produce the most recent submission based on techniques they disagree with, but they still hope to successfully fight them in the appeal. Any good news on that front is hoped to change the 2022–2023 computation and bring it closer to, if not exactly within, compliance with the limitations.

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