February 21, 2024
Everton’s Fan Advisory Board have submitted a case over the Premier League’s handling of the club’s financial breaches.

In November, Sean Dyche’s team received a 10-point deduction for exceeding Profit and Sustainability criteria by £19.5 million at the conclusion of the 2021–2022 season.

An independent commission is scheduled to hear a new accusation against the Blues for comparable offenses committed during the season’s conclusion in April.

The original sanction that Goodison Park chiefs are currently appealing is anticipated to have a significant impact on the club’s ensuing case.

In support of that appeal, the FAB sent a 25-page paper outlining the supporters’ case for the potential consequences of any penalties to Everton and the Premier League.

Everton fan board slams ten-point deduction in 25-page statement

Drafted with advice from barrister Matthew Stanbury, it calls on top-flight chiefs to ‘consider the true impact and consequences’ that sanctions will have on the fanbase.

Dave Kelly, chair of the FAB, said: “Since the failed European Super League proposals, we’ve seen positive steps made to give fans a greater say in their football clubs, with frequent promises from the footballing authorities and others to put fans at the heart of the game.

“The scale of the Premier League commission’s sanction sent shockwaves throughout the global Everton fanbase, mainly due to the disproportionate nature of the sanction, but also the lack of consideration for those most affected – supporters – and our local community.

“The response to this injustice from Evertonians has been immense.

“Whilst we accept that Everton has a case to answer, the lack of transparency in the process, fairness and consistency with other findings, resulting in a wholly disproportionate sanction in this case, should act as a warning signal to fans of every club.

“This isn’t just an Everton issue; it is an issue for the wider football community.

“We hope our statement goes some way to explaining why the voice of supporters is critical to the future success and sustainability of our game, and we kindly ask the Appeal Board to give its full and careful consideration.”

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