February 21, 2024

Everton, if they are to come through two appeals against the Premier League, will need all the help they can get.

That is what makes vocal support from high-profile figures so imperative, as it adds pressure on the organisation’s continued assault on the Merseyside club.

Their own division has pulled no punches in their bid to punish the Toffees, and whilst they have overcome the initial ten-point deduction, another might mark a finishing blow.

They patiently await that outcome.

For now, they must continue to fight the good fight, and the latest letter from a local MP will go a long way towards adding to their case.


What Local MP wrote to the Premier League about Everton

No matter how big or small, political support is always appreciated in the footballing world. Especially in times like this.

Whilst the Premier League wages war on Everton, they too have another battle to face on a new front. The government continue to lobby for the introduction of an independent regulator, that which the division rejects.


Everton FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League
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Well, in a letter which Mike Amesbury, the local MP for Weaver Vale, pens to the Premier League, he accompanied the following tweet with a letter that described the second breach as ‘extraordinary’.

He claims: ‘It is certainly concerning that @Everton have been referred for a second time by the Premier League due to an alleged breach of financial rules. This second sanction will put the club’s future at serious risk. I’ve written to them outlining my concerns.’

What other backing have Everton received?

With this latest piece of political backing, the Toffees are stacked with high-profile supporters willing to use their voice and platform to come to their rescue.

However, few have flown the Everton flag like Andy Burnham, who has written letters, pushed through interviews and continued to lobby for some leniency after what was the harshest points penalty in the history of the division.


Bill Kenwright Memorial Service
Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

He too is supported by Liverpool’s Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram, as well as a whole host of familiar faces like Kevin Campbell, Simon Jordan and Ally McCoist, all of whom are far from happy.

Whether these people have a relationship with the club or not, all they are seeking are answers.

The Premier League has hidden behind false truths and broken promises for too long, and this second breach has brought Goodison Park to boiling point.

No longer can they stand idly by whilst their own division condemns them.

The appointment of a new star lawyer is just the start of what promises to be a long and arduous war for their safety.


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