February 24, 2024

Nottingham Forest may argue that their Premier League charge should not be heard until Everton have their appeal heard.

Matt Hughes: Nott’m Forest may use Everton before case heard, Premier League make move

That is according to Daily Mail journalist Matt Hughes (18 January), on the basis that the Toffees verdict could set a significant precedent.

Hughes added that the Premier League have given themselves a two-week buffer to conclude the charges against both clubs this summer.



The journalist explained that both hearings and any subsequent appeals will be handled by 24 May, with an absolute deadline of 5 June.

“To complicate matters further Forest may argue that their case should not be heard until Everton’s appeal is concluded on the basis that that verdict could set a significant precedent,” Hughes wrote for the Daily Mail.



Any financial matters involving Premier League clubs are always going to be complicated, but perhaps the charges levelled against the Toffees and Forest are on another level.

The latter will, of course, be keen to delay any punishment as long as possible in order to stay in the Premier League, with Forest not exactly safe from the drop at this moment in time.

And they certainly have a point in wanting to hear how Everton’s first charge is dealt with, with the Merseyside club having appealed their 10-point deduction for financial breaches earlier in the season.

Given that the deadline has an initial date and absolute date, it is apparent that not even the Premier League are entirely ready for what will transpire over the coming months.

Everton and Nottingham Forest are, of course, just two clubs in this situation, with other clubs perhaps also guilty of similar breaches.



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