February 21, 2024

The transformation of Everton Stadium’s roof has begun, with the installation of the iconic barrel cladding.

The first of the polished aluminium panels that will form the curved edges of the roof was secured in place this week in the north east corner.

In the coming months, a total of 872 individual panels – each one perforated to mitigate the effects of wind – will be hoisted skywards.

Aided by a specially adapted mechanical crane attachment, which is able to manipulate the flexible panels into various positions, these will then be carefully installed along the entire lengths of the east and west stands.

When complete, the space age roof will perfectly complement the 731 columns of red brick, Archibald-Leitch patterned brick facades, contrasting anodised black metal panels and reflective glass frontage, all of which tower into the north Liverpool skyline


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