February 24, 2024

Everton and Nottingham Forest fans will “fear” the Premier League relegation battle could be settled by adjustments made off the pitch, according to Robbie Savage.

Writing on page 67 of the Daily Mirror‘s print edition on Saturday (20 January), the pundit said he expressed concerns earlier this season that the league table might end up “scattered with asterisks” because of sanctions related to financial fair play.

He notes that fans are entitled to ask how the Toffees can be dealt with twice in the same campaign while the 115 charges aimed at Manchester City remain in the “pending tray”.

Got a point

It’s not very often that supporters will agree with what Savage has got to say, but on this particular topic, he certainly has a point.

There are very few people arguing the decision to charge Everton as the club even admitted their guilt, but it’s the manner in which the Premier League is handling this situation that’s causing frustration.

It’s right for the Welsh pundit to mention the fans because they are the ones who will suffer the most from this – owners, board members, managers and players will all move on – but it’s the supporters who will be left to pick up the mess at their club.

Although the situation surrounding Man City is believed to be more complicated, it’s ridiculous that it’s gone on for so long when the Toffees are already staring down the barrel of another punishment.

The league needs to rethink how it handles this topic moving forward because there could be plenty more problems ahead if it’s not careful.

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