February 21, 2024

Nearly 900 panels need to be installed in order for Everton Stadium’s barrel roof to be completed.

In the upcoming months, Everton’s iconic stadium’s roof will change.

The aluminum panels that will make up the roof’s curved edges were installed as the first piece of barrel cladding this week.

871 more of the pieces—which are perforated to help with the breezes along the waterfront—will be added later. Each one will be installed with the assistance of a crane attachment that has been particularly designed to move the panels and make sure they fit.

As the specifics of the historic start to come into focus, the development represents the most recent advancement made locally.

Work to install the roof panels started after they went through final testing before Christmas.

New kid on the dock: Everton Stadium | Construction News

They will serve as the centerpiece of one of the most significant infrastructure projects in the UK, perched over a construction that features 731 red brick columns that pay homage to the renowned Archibald Leitch latticework at Goodison Park utilizing a total of 520,000 bricks.

Prior to the construction of the last pieces of concrete terracing in the east stand, the last ground floor slab was poured. Once this is finished, the 12,500 blue seats that are now in situ will be expanded. The area around the center location, which has already been mapped out on a patch of artificial grass to serve as another development focal point, is still under construction in the stadium.


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