February 24, 2024

Carlo Pellegatti has given his thoughts on a number of topics connected to AC Milan including the Antonio Conte rumours and the Alessandro Buongiorno links.

Pellegatti spoke exclusively in Pelle Rossonera on Radio Rossonera as he does every Friday afternoon to talk about the Milan transfer market and who might end up replacing Stefano Pioli when the time comes. The journalist spoke about the need reiterated by Stefano Pioli for a new defender to arrive, stating his belief that it is impossible to sign Buongiorno from Torino because of Urbano Cairo’s words and their squad status.

“We go by what Stefano Pioli said, who said a central defender must arrive. I have never believed Buongiorno because of President Cairo’s statements where he said he is not for sale,” he said.

“I can’t understand how he would impoverish his squad by losing a central defender with the shortage of central defenders. I don’t see Milan coming up with the numbers they want for the Granata number 1, even if Colombo is involved.

“I don’t see why Colombo, who wants to return to Milan, would accept a transfer to Torino. I’m of the same opinion as Pioli: he absolutely needs a defender.”

Pellegatti also discussed the idea of Milan managing to sign a striker before the window closes. After intense links with Serhou Guirassy things have gone quiet in the past week, suggesting an investment will be postponed until the summer.

“I’m taking Kean on a six-month loan tomorrow, because Jovic has scored some goals and we hope he scores more, but the Juventus striker is a completely different thing. Ideal player, alternative to Giroud, because one is quick and goes inside while the other is a penalty area man.

Moise Kean - Player profile 23/24 | Transfermarkt

“The idea of ​​doing Jovic and Giroud and that’s it from the perspective of that full month seems really small to me. I would be sorry if it were like this, I tell you honestly.

“It seems like a decision that doesn’t look very far ahead, because then the 2-3 million salary for Kean, you move forward.”

Finally, he went on to talk about the speculation that has been circling regarding Conte’s arrival as Pioli’s replacement, suggesting that he is not the kind of profile the management would go for.

“I feel like saying today about Antonio Conte that he won’t be coming. I’ve never had any doubts. A figure that is too demanding both in terms of figure and in terms of the right needs of having a great team. It’s not a negative meaning. So, for me Antonio Conte won’t come.

“At this moment I simply see Thiago Motta for sure. Pay attention to two things: one, the foreign surprise wouldn’t surprise me and instead the positive figure of Farioli, a young Italian with a team that plays well. That could be an interesting figure.”

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