February 20, 2024

Everton are fortunate enough to have one overwhelming source of positivity that continues to persist despite all their struggles.

Their Bramley-Moore Dock stadium, which is being built gradually down the river, is already a great work of architecture, and every week it gets easier to see how enormous and gorgeous it is.

For commuters heading into the city center, the distinctive brickwork cladding and the glasswork on the front combine to create a stunning vista. Rain or shine, a new viewpoint always reveals a crucial element that was previously unknown.

That is only highlighted in the most recent project update that Everton released yesterday, where they draw attention to this undervalued quality in the arena.

This comes just days after 777 Partners visited the construction site too to take a closer look on their potential new ground.

One year of progress as Bramley Moore stadium emerges on city skyline -  Liverpool Echo

What is the latest news on Everton’s Bramley-Moore Dock stadium?

The construction workers deserve enormous respect for adhering to such a rigorous schedule, as they progress at a perfect pace.

After all, as is sometimes the case with a development of this size, Tottenham Hotspur experienced significant delays in relocating to their new stadium.

It is therefore extremely noteworthy that they appear to be on schedule for a late 2024 finish—just in time to raise expectations for the 2025–2026 season.

This most recent project update illustrates and explains the process of assembling its recognizable curving roof form, highlighting just how laborious some of the detail orientation may be.

With each panel having to be separately installed by a huge robotic arm, directed by numerous other workers, this is one process which will not be done in a hurry.

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