February 24, 2024

Everton will need all the help they can get if they are to overturn the harshest points deduction in the history of the top flight.

Whether that be vocal support from different corners of the media or the political support they seem to be gathering, every little helps.

The latter in particular only continues to grow, likely due to their own vested interest which might see the Premier League taken under government guidance regarding financial regulation. However, with Andy Burnham, there is no ulterior motive.


Everton FC v Aston Villa - Premier League
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He simply wants justice and equality across the entire division, and for his football club to be treated in a way that makes sense according to their alleged crime.

His efforts to spread that message on Sky Sports were infamously quelled back in November, and now he has sought to detail why.

Why did Andy Burnham’s Sky Sports interview not get aired?

To silence an opposite opinion to a perfectly valid frustration was not a good look for one of the leading sports broadcasters in the country, but that is where the conspiracy only grows.

Heavily reliant on receiving rights from the Premier League to show their matches, there have been claims that their relationship with England’s top flight is almost inappropriate given the grand scale of the stakes at play.

Well, speaking to the Across The Park podcast, the Mayor of Greater Manchester gave his side of the story: ‘I don’t think we’re getting the coverage we should for an issue that actually affects all football supporters as Forest fans have now found out. The idea that this isn’t important, this isn’t significant…

‘People will know I did an interview on the pitch for Sky Sports News on the day when I sent my first letter to the Premier League challenging a lot of what was in the public domain, and that interview never aired.


Bill Kenwright Memorial Service
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‘They’ve never said to me why they didn’t use the interview, I’ve never had that as a politician. You would never give an interview to a broadcaster and it just never appears, it’s just never happened.

‘It’s honestly really bizarre, because you give an interviewer 10-15 minutes of your time, you’re not doing that in the hope that they’ll broadcast it. You’re doing it in the firm expectation that they will, and that’s basically how it always is.

‘I heard that they were asked this in a certain forum and said: ‘Oh well, news values sort of changed on the day, the news agenda moved on and other things were happening.

‘Honestly, I just don’t buy that, and to say that this isn’t a massive issue that needs proper discussion and debate, I don’t buy it personally. I do think pressure was applied for the interview not to be broadcast, and I think this does then raise the question of the Premier League’s fitness to regulate because it has a relationship with broadcasters.’

Everton need more people like Andy Burnham

Whilst Burnham is not the only vocal supporter within politics to back Everton, so far he is easily the most active.

The likes of Steve Rotheram and Mike Amesbury have done their bit, as have many more with letters written to the Premier League, but more pressure must be put on them as the appeal draws ever closer.


Everton v Crystal Palace - Emirates FA Cup Third Round Replay
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They cannot keep getting away with this gross misuse of their ever-changing rules, and silencing Burnham arguably only further professes their guilt.

Should a few more big names come out and add to this mounting duress, the institution might come crumbling down.



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