February 25, 2024

Everton’s relationship with the Premier League and its referees has become somewhat strayed in the last few months.

Whilst they have often been left feeling aggrieved by the officials, they are not alone in their frustration.

In fact, there is likely one or more standout moments from this season alone where every club in the top flight can pull up to outline their own negative experience of the PGMOL.

Howard Webb was brought in to fix these issues and shift the focus away from those in command, yet there has arguably never been greater scrutiny.

Manchester United v Everton
Photo by John Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images

Well-documented letters from Arsenal, Liverpool and the Toffees’ fan forum have all done wonders in maintaining this pressure on a defunct organisation that continues to promote failure from within.

And whilst this is an issue that many football fans have, Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville thinks the big clubs need to give them a break.

What Gary Neville said about PGMOL

As someone who is always passionate about every rant he goes on, whether that be on or off camera, his latest monologue is seemingly no different.

After all, he takes the time to namedrop the first two aforementioned clubs for setting a dangerous precedent of publicly outlining the failures of the referees.

He would write with condemnation: ‘Clubs writing to the PGMOL is embarrassing! Liverpool and Arsenal started it and set the precedent of this nonsense.’

This relates to Everton given their Fan Forum actually penned their own letter to Webb earlier this month, outlining not one but seven different refereeing failures which they feel deserved justice from this term.

The club itself have remained magnanimous regarding such events, keeping silent when they otherwise could have kicked up a similar fuss to the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool.

Should Premier League clubs be writing letters to PGMOL?

Whilst Neville has sought to staunchly defend PGMOL and its referees, they must be held to account by somebody.

After all, Webb’s post-match review show has done its reputation no favours, with the head of the organisation only cementing what many think: these officials are some of the worst in the footballing world.

It seems every week we have a new controversy that surrounds the men in black, whether that be a questionable decision or a VAR check that upholds a ridiculous call.

Something has to change, and if a public admittance of a sent letter of complaint is enough, then why not continue? After all, it puts pressure on the Premier League and the PGMOL to try and strive for a higher standard, the likes of which have so desperately been absent of late.


Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton all had strong cases, and we are unlikely to see the end of this style of complaint, much to Neville’s dismay.


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