February 24, 2024

Alan Shearer thinks Nottingham Forest fans will be absolutely fuming by something that Gary Lineker has now said.

The pair were talking on The Rest is Football podcast. So, what have Lineker and Shearer been saying about Forest? Let’s take a closer look…

Alan Shearer thinks Forest fans will be fuming with Gary Lineker

Well, the conversation is based around the goal which Ivan Toney scored against the Reds on Saturday.

Brentford equalised when the Bees were awarded a free-kick, with the returning striker seemingly moving the ball without the referee’s say-so.

He cured his effort beyond the Forest wall – essentially passing it into the net to restore parity after Danilo had opened the scoring.

Lineker was first to discuss and he thinks the Forest defending has to come into question.

He told The Rest is Football podcast: “I know the Forest defending from the free kick was hopeless. I mean, it was useless.

“But Toney got some of the referee’s spray and did a white line while they were all not looking and shifted the ball by a foot, which may or may not have made the difference.

“I know people are saying that’s cheating, but I don’t know. Players forever have put the ball in a different position, that’s always been done.

“But I’ve never seen anyone pick up a bit of the white spray and move it. It was genius. And, I remember watching him doing it and thinking it was clever.

Shearer hit back with: “The Forest fans are going to come for you. You shouldn’t be laughing.”

To which Lineker quipped: “The Forest fans always come for me anyway. I’m a Leicester man!”


Forest have to bounce back from Saturday debacle

Ultimately, the media and various pundits are having a good old laugh but this will now set a precedent in the Premier League.

Players across the league will now be moving spray to try and gain an advantage and hopefully, Forest themselves can learn from it.

Forest have written for an explanation from the PGMOL – with Gary Neville calling Forest ’embarrassing’ last night.

It will be interesting to see if Lineker is so jovial if it should happen to Leicester and if it happens to Newcastle, Shearer is unlikely to be impressed.

Still, Forest have to suck it up, watch it back and work on how to defend those situations better as the season progresses.


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