February 24, 2024

Beale is already under intense pressure from the Black Cats faithful after just seven games in charge

Michael Beale is only seven games into his Sunderland tenure but fans are already calling for the ex-Rangers boss to be sacked.

Beale, 43, took over as manager of Stadium of Light last month when the well-liked Tony Mowbray left, but it’s safe to say things haven’t quite gone as expected.The former right-hand man of Steven Gerrard has only won two games this season, losing four and drawing the other, as the struggling Black Cats continue to fall short of the playoffs.

After a 1-0 loss to Hull City on Friday night, some of Beale’s own supporters, still in shock at Mogga’s dismissal, yelled “sacked in the morning” at the team. When Stoke City comes to Wearside this weekend, the former QPR manager has an opportunity to win back some supporters, but ardent supporter Michael Graham believes things will only get worse.

The editor of fanzine Sunderland Nation told talkSPORT: “Normally when a club appoints a new coach they’re taking over a very bad team that fans don’t enjoy to watch but Michael Beale’s biggest issue is that he’s taking over a team that fans loved to watch and he’s immediately turned them into a bad team.

Seven reasons why Sunderland should sack Michael Beale now - Sports  Illustrated Sunderland Nation

“The fans never turned on Tony Mowbray and Beale has come in and made things worse. I wish I could put my finger on what it is. Sunderland have this great young team with quality young players who are full of energy, life and verve and it’s just drained way in an instant. They aren’t playing with any joy, pace or belief.

“They used to be such a good team on the break but not every pass is going back or sideways and it’s just drained. That’s the only word I can use – it’s just draining. Under Michael Beale we haven’t been creating and even the games Sunderland have won under Beale, the fans haven’t enjoyed the football. But before even when we were losing we were enjoying what we were seeing. He’s turned it around completely in the worst way.

“It’s not like the fans haven’t given Beale time. The fans have been willing to believe and let him have a go but there’s this draining effect that he’s had on the team and the fans and I don’t know how he’s done it.”


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